what to do after 12th Science, Commerce and Arts | After 12 career option medical, engineering & designing | courses after 12th arts, commence, Science

By | October 11, 2018

what to do after 12th Science, Commerce and  Arts | After 12 career option medical, engineering & designing | courses after 12th arts, commence, Science: Engineering involves the terms like maintain, design, invent, build, process, improve, system, material, devices and machine. It contains the information of all above topics. There is a lot of chances for a good career in engineering after 12th standard. Choose the engineering branch from the given list:


Manufacturing Engineering

As a manufacturing engineer, you and your team will use technical expertise and skill to plan, design, set up, modify, optimize and then monitor the manufacturing process of such things as medicine, food, and oil. From raw materials to the finished product, manufacturing engineers work to improve the production process

Median 78,860
Lowest 51,180
Highest 118,300

Computer Science and Engineering

As a computer engineer, you might develop cutting-edge music software, come up with a better system to text your friends, or invent a new hand-held device. But looking beyond personal computers, did you realize that computer engineers are vitally important in almost every area you can think of


 Median 76,270
Lowest 40,330
Highest 125,940

Civil Engineering

What would it feel like to have the expertise to build a school that could withstand an earthquake, a road system that puts an end to chronic traffic jams, or a sports stadium that offers everyone a great view? As a civil engineer, your job would be to oversee the construction of the buildings and infrastructure that make up our world


 Median 79,340
Lowest 51,280
Highest  122,020

Mechanical Engineering

As a mechanical engineer, you might develop a bike lock or an aircraft carrier, a child’s toy or a hybrid car engine, a wheelchair or a sailboat—in other words, just about anything you can think of that involves a mechanical process, whether it’s a cool, cutting-edge product or a life-saving medical device


Median 80,580
Lowest  52,030
Highest 121,530

Electrical Engineering

As an electrical engineer, you could develop components for some of the most fun things in our lives (MP3 players, digital cameras, or roller coasters) as well as the most essential (medical tests or communications systems).


Median 77,920
Lowest  33,490
Highest 136,690


Where would modern medicine be without the contributions of biomedical engineering? Imagine hospitals operating without X-rays, ultrasound, EKGs, and the thousands of high-tech procedures and devices that diagnose conditions, sustain health, and fight disease


 Median 86,960
Lowest 52,600
Highest 139,450

Nuclear Engineering

Safely harnessing the power of the atom to produce energy or to diagnose and treat medical problems is the work of the nuclear engineer. As a nuclear engineer, you may work on nuclear reactors that generate power for large cities, submarines, or even space ships.


Median 104,270
Lowest 68,940
Highest 149,940

Aeronautical Engineering/Aerospace

As an aerospace engineer, you might work on a new spacecraft tasked with bringing crew to the International Space Station. Or, you might be involved in developing a new generation of space telescopes, the source of some of our most significant cosmological discoveries.


 Median 103,720
Lowest 65,450
Highest 149,120

Agricultural Engineering

Are you looking to improve our quality of life, protect the environment, and help meet the needs of a growing world population? As an agricultural and biological engineer, you might be asked to use your knowledge of biology and engineering to develop plant-based products like medicines, biodegradable packaging, and biomass energy;


Median 74,000
Lowest 44,750
Highest 115,680

Petroleum Engineering

Energy is at the center of our daily lives—from powering our individual needs to fueling our collective resources. As an oil and gas engineer, you’ll work in the United States and abroad on discovering new gas and oil sources, researching new technologies to efficiently extract more gas and oil, building out new oil and gas fields, and streamlining production operations. In this exciting field you’ll be powering our future


Median 130,280
Lowest 75,030
Highest 183,520

Environmental Engineering

Most of us care deeply about stopping pollution and protecting our natural resources. Imagine yourself having more than just a passion for saving our environment


Median 80,890
Lowest 49,510
Highest 122,290

Chemical Engineering

Imagine taking what you’ve learned in chemistry class and using it to create products that improve the lives of others in both large and small ways. That’s what a chemical engineer does


 Median 94,350
Lowest 58,830
Highest 154,840

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