how to check radiation level (SAR) *#07# dial in iphone, Samsung, Nokia, micro-max, redmi, lenovo, asus, accer

By | June 15, 2018

how to check radiation level (SAR) *#07# dial  in iphone, Samsung, Nokia, micro-max, redmi, lenovo, asus, accer:Check Radiation level (SAR) of your Smartphone by USSD code *#07#

आपके मोबाइल फ़ोन पर *#07#  डायल करके फ़ोन के रेडिएशन लेवल जान सकते है अगर लेवल  2.6watt/kg से कम तोह ठीक है. अगर जादा लेवल आए तोह फिर फ़ोन बदिये. रेडिएशन आपके ब आपके परिवार वालो बहुत जादा नुकसान पंहुचा सकते है check

Check SAR Limits

This Product meets India’s national SAR Limits. Your Moblie device is designed not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio frequency energy adopted by the government..The Exposure limits use a unit of measurement known as the Specific absorption Rate or SAR

Tests for SAR are conducted again the head with the device transmitting at its highest certified power level in all tested frequency bands although during normal use, the actual SAR values are usually well below those started below.

The maximum SAR for this model as per the compliance standard and the conditions under which it was recorded were-Head SAR=0.323 W/KG


Check your Mobile Radiation level dial  *#07#


Here are SAR level of some popular smartphones in the market.

  • iPhone 6:>>  1.59 W/kg
  • LG G3:>> 0.99 W/kg
  • LG G2:>> 1.44 W/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2:>> 0.42 W/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3:>> 1.07 W/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4:>> 1.20 W/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy S5:>> 1.28 W/kg
  • HTC One (M8):>> 1.29 W/kg

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